I’m Just A SoCal Barney Who Thinks I Belong In The Northwest

Some random photos from San Diego to Washington last August

Crowley Lake

Mono Lake

Natural Water slide

Sandy River, Oregon


The gate way to one of the funnest places to ride your skateboard

Mode of transportation

Always a good site.

Alqaeda Chris came along.

Thank god there wasn’t a Kronik Energy blow out session this time.

Like Windell’s? Billy is one of the people you can thank. Backside ollie.

Besides not looking through your camera’s view finder there is nothing worst then photo goons that don’t skate. Bryce Kanights certainly isn’t one of them.  He’s been skating and taking photos longer then most. Here’s a photo of him shooting some synchronized skateboarding. For more of his stuff  check out http://www.brycekanights.com/. or of course Sick Boys.

No hunting on the island = a lot of deer



Forrest’s dog rules.

If this looks good you should of seen it in the afternoon once the tide pushed in. And then like that is was gone.

pee break or photo op? How about both.

Looking forward to seeing this view again in a couple of weeks.