Cobra’s Street Cred


Chuck Dont Give A Fuck

Mira Mesa 2005

Hey Joto Your Popsicles Melting

Jamie Weller




uluwatu’s. Bali, Indonesia 2006

Nicky P With A Kicky Flippy In Carls Balls.

Maybe I will do this more often. You know? Post stuff. Even if it is just for the 5 dudes that look at this retarded thing. Don’t take it the wrong way,  I’m stoked the 5 people or so want me to keep posting. Now if I could just get a call from somebody to shoot something. I forgot though, I’m not in a Cool Guy Krew or a click at all. Besides the daddy day care nanny popkins posse!

Shit Cam, Shitty Scan Blow Out. 100% Crap.

* click on the photos they get bigger. click on em again and they get even bigger…  wow.

It’s been a little bit.